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    Overview of Yahoo, Microsoft and Google Management

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    You work for Google and have been tasked with presenting an overview and history of Yahoo and Microsoft (Google's competitors) as well as a discussion on Google's senior management team?

    What information would you present?

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    In this section, the main discussion will be an overview and history of Yahoo. Description will also be given of its success and launched products in different years. A short note will also be on founders of Yahoo and their contribution. Along with this, 'how Yahoo got its name' will also be explained in brief.
    Overview and history of Yahoo.

    Yahoo was first initiated in the Stanford University campus trailer. The company was created in January 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Both of them were electrical engineering students and founded a website, which was named 'Jerry and David's guide to the World Wide Web'. After that Yang and Filo renamed it as 'Yet another Hierarchical Official Oracle' (Hajdini, 2010). In January 1995, yahoo.com domain was generated, and finally, the company got its final name in the form of 'Yahoo' by the end of 1994 (Yahoo! New Center, 2012).
    On March 8th, 1997 an imperative event occurred. It was on this date that an online communication company, Ford11 was acquired by Yahoo. Other companies, such as ClassicGames.Com, Yoyodyne Entertainment Inc., GeoCities, and eGroups, were also acquired by Yahoo. Some vital initiatives were also taken by Yahoo; for example 'Yahoo! Pager' was launched by the company, which was renamed as 'Yahoo! Messenger' later (The history of Yahoo! How it all started, 2012).

    In the next section of the paper, an overview and history of Microsoft will be outlined. Under this topic, a sequence of its launched products will be provided, so that readers will understand how Microsoft achieved success. In addition, the significant launching of Microsoft Word and ...

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