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Google vs Microsoft Search

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Google has definitely gained market share with their search engine. The results of their dominance actually are represented in their stock price where I believe Google is trading at 425/share. One search engine that might give Google some competition is Microsoft's Bing. Bing seems to streamline searches a little better than Google. Bing has been receiving good press lately and it is very possible that Bing could gain market share on Google. There had been some talk in the news about Microsoft potentially working a deal with Yahoo to gain some market share on Google regarding search engines. Apparently Microsoft doesn't need Yahoo and perhaps Yahoo missed a great opportunity to partner with Microsoft whose stock is on the rise. Explain

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The solution provides a short overview of some of the issues surrounding Microsoft's apparent grab for Google's marketshare in online search.

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I actually wrote a 25 page paper last fall about Google (which is published and available for sale online under "Google Internet Analysis), ...

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