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Evaluate the offerings of Google and Microsoft(R) and identity in which areas Amazon.com is competing, and discuss whether this is a wise strategy.

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//The paper deals with the comparative analysis of the strategies among Goggle, Microsoft and Amazon. In order to pursue the paper like this, first we will discuss various competitive offerings provided by Goggle, Microsoft and Amazon.//

Services offered by Goggle and Microsoft

The competitive scenario in the online shopping services has intensified with the entry of Goggle into the online services. The company launched a new beta version for the online shopping search named Froogle which offered 15 different product categories. These categories include Apparel & Accessories, Arts & Entertainment, Auto & Vehicles, Baby, Books, Music & Video, Computers, Electronics, Flowers, Food & Gourmet, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Office, Sports & Outdoors and Toys & Games (Sherman, 2002). Another important offering provided by Goggle is a software bundle named as Goggle Apps for Your Domain which assist small and midsized companies in email, calendar and instant messaging. Goggle also enters ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 638 words with references.