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    E-business and search engines

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    E-businesses often try to appear high in search engine rankings as related to one or more "search terms" (words or short phrases entered into search engines). As an example, perhaps Oracle Corporation (a leading database software vendor) would want to appear high if someone typed in "database." E-businesses have various ways of trying to appear in those search engine rankings, including the use of metadata, the use of those search terms within their Web site, and, of course, paying a fee to the search engine companies for a given search term in order to appear high when that word or phrase is entered.
    Propose the search terms (words or very short phrases) you would recommend the following businesses try, to ensure they appear high in search engine results. Then try a few different search engines, enter those terms, and see if they do appear high on the list of "hits."


    Please help with a summary of what terms you proposed, why you proposed them, and your results for each site listed.

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    Proposed search terms: Hot tubs, Spas & pools, Outdoor spas and pools, Saunas, Pools and supplies, computer accessories, computer
    monitors, hardware and software
    Reason: All these are names or description of the products made or sold by the company

    Search result:
    "Hot tubs" in google: After searching for "hot tubs" in google, Costco came up 2nd in ranking

    "Outdoor Spas and Pools: After searching for "Outdoor Spas and Pools" in google, Costco came up 2nd in ranking
    "Outdoor Spas and Pools: After searching for "Outdoor Spas and Pools", in yahoo, Costco came up on page 4 (lower ranking than in google)

    Search for "Sauna" in google brought up Costco website on the first page.
    Search for " Sauna" in yahoo brought up Costco website on the 2nd page.

    Search for " Computer accessories" in ...