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    Social Activity Online - Paid Placements

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    Would you say that the Internet fosters or impedes social activity? Explain your position. There is some controversy surrounding paid placements on search engines. What are the issues surrounding paid-placement search engines? Why might consumers object to this practice?

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    According to Pakhare (2013), among the benefits of the Internet and technology are the following: faster communication, abundant information, inexhaustible education, entertainment, social networking, and online services/e-commerce. The disadvantages of the Internet include possible theft of personal information, spamming, malware threats, age-inappropriate content, and social isolation (includes obesity, depression). The Internet can improve the way people communicate with each other as well as provide more opportunities to learn almost everything at the comfort of one's home as well as assist students in their research for school use and support professionals in their quest for more knowledge and experience that they can use in their job or venture. The Internet helps people connect with each other through social media and it facilitates business transactions through e-commerce websites. However, due to its nature, there are chances of personal identity and information being stolen and used for fraud. ...

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    Benefits & disadvantages of the internet to social activity are given in 700+ words and 5 references, with particular focus on paid placement in search engines controversies/issues.