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Paid placement and a top ranking

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What's the difference between a paid placement and a top ranking? How do companies get top rankings on big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.? Research the practice of tagging competitors so you rise to the top when potential customers search for your competitors. Is this ethical? Are companies doing this? Do a few searches for a specific company and see what competitors come up. Share some examples of what you find.

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Paid placement is when a company pays for their ad placement on major search engines. These paid placements could be bid for placement, which is the most common paid placement chosen. This type of paid placement is a pay per click type of placement. Each company bids to pay a pre-determined amount each time their ad is clicked on (SEOLogic, n.d.). The highest bidder will get the top spot in the search engines. This type is used by google ...

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