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    Performance Management: Recent Article

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    Request assistance with the following assignment: Find a recent  (within the last 12 months, 2017) article, webinar or blog on performance management.

    Compare and contrast performance management within a specific organization to the information in the article, webinar or blog.

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    The information in the article is about the practice of ranking employees. The article gives several reasons why the practice of ranking employees based on their performance is flawed. Those who are top ranked employees are consumed by the fear of losing their position. Those at the top develop a fixed mindset. According to the article ranking placed people at the top and if a person was not at the top he didn't count. It also instills a fear of losing that position. The person at the top according to the article has a fear of losing that position. The person at the top develops a fixed mindset. When such persons reach the top position they are afraid of challenges, they play ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of a recent article on performance management and its comparison with the practice in my organization. It also gives you the relevant references.