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SEO and Website Optimizations/Ranking

One of the interesting things that factor into getting a site ranked is the age of the site. Typically, Google will not rank any new site for six to twelve months. I believe Yahoo is also about the same time frame. So, keeping the time factor in mind, a start up business would need to realize that their website might take up to a year to really notice a significant jump in any kind of traffic. After this time frame, SEO would be a major advantage to increasing traffic and ranking even more. Personally, I get discouraged and don't return to a site where I encounter "under construction" - therefore, I would recommend a start-up website working out the bugs early, even if the traffic might not become real noticeable for about a year or so. Explain

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Actually, Google and Yahoo use different metrics. Nobody is quite sure how a site is ranked on either, however I noticed that when I was in the startup phase I ranked fairly high on Yahoo (I'm in a niche market), yet was nowhere to be found on Google. I think ...

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The solution contains a short response and commentary, with some helpful tips on how to improve website ranking, and what some of the metrics behind it are.