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Expanding a car rental company internationally

1. Prepare a recruitment advertisement for a site manager position for an expanding overseas car rental agency.

2. Design a selection process through which ten candidates are to be considered for placement at the overseas car rental sites.

3. Design a selection process for a regional manager to use in the effort to fill the ten site manager vacancies.

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See the attachment for the recruitment advertisement.

Selection process for placement overseas:

The candidates will complete an employment application, which will include a question on the top 5 preference international locations. The candidates will select from a list of the 10 expected international locations.

All candidates will take pre-employment or pre-interview tests that will determine personality, analytical skills and leadership assessment. The candidates will have to pass the tests with acceptable scores.

The successful candidates will have a phone interview with the Regional manager.

The candidates that pass the phone interview will have onsite interviews at the Corporate headquarters. The interviews will be the Human Resources manager, Operations Vice President and a panel interview with local site managers and a regional manager. The successful candidates will have to pass all of the interviews.

The candidates will have to take and pass the wonderlic test ...

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