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    The financial, ethical, and personnel dilemmas of U&L

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    Today, U&L services companies throughout the United States and Canada. U&L has increased its services to include rental, lease, and direct purchase programs. The rental program includes pickup and delivery, laundry, inspection, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. The lease program supplies uniforms and linens but does not include laundry and maintenance services. The direct purchase program includes both custom-designed and brand-name products.

    The types of companies for which U&L provides service have expanded from restaurants and hospitals to include airlines, automotive, health care, sports, retail, service, and manufacturing businesses. They also provide specialized clothing, including protective and flame-resistant wear.

    Because of globalization and competition trends, U&L has recently entered the manufacturing sector of producing uniforms and linen products.

    Reflect on the dilemmas and what problems or challenges created by them. Which ones do you think have the greatest impact on the company? What type of impact will the dilemma chosen have on the company? Which types of dilemmas (financial, ethical, or personnel) are the most difficult to solve? Why? Be prepared to present your findings to the leaders so they will have a greater understanding of how to prioritize the reduction in the various types of dilemmas.

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    The financial dilemmas would be the most difficult to solve and should be the focus of this assignment. The personnel and ethical issues are important, but if the financial issues are not properly dealt with and solved, it can quickly turn into a situation where the company simply does not have enough working capital to support basic, day-to-day operations. There are a few different areas that should be taken into consideration regarding the financial aspect of U&L. Determining value of products versus the value of services is a major area. For many service and product based companies, the value of services is so high that if the company were to charge the actual amount of value for services, their profit would drop substantially because their prices would be too high. This is one of the main reasons why companies determine the value of products instead of determining the value of services offered.

    Another major area ...

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