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    Search engine placement and visability

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    Assume you are the manager of a company that sells books that can be downloaded from the Internet. Why is it important for your company to have a high ranking in search engines? What impact will higher visibility have on the firm? Would it be difficult to get a high search engine ranking for a company that sells e-books?

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    Consider that you would like to purchase the latest Steven King thriller. You have decided to purchase it as an e-book. When you purchase it, it will be precisely the same book whether it is purchased from Barnes & Noble Online, Borders Online, Amazon or a specialty bookseller online. So, even though the product is not as homogenous as toilet paper, it is similar to the purchase of a commodity.
    Commodities are traded based on price, convenience to the purchaser and availability. Since ...

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    Overview of the importance of search-engine placement in the success of internet-based business, especially in highly competitive categories.