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Communication of Bias in Today's Media

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Discuss how the media today communicates a message of bias when it comes to gender advertising how review specific advertising conducted with product placements.

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The solution discusses the communication of bias in today's media.

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Advertising is the foundation of any organization in how they reach consumers and/or patrons; regardless of their age, gender, or race. However, we continually see the media today communicating a message of bias when it comes to gender in advertising. The majority of gender specific advertising we see in the United States is often conducted with product placements. However, we even see a bias advertisement when it comes to recruitment for our Armed Services. These organizations obviously conduct research and gather data to generate their primary patron in order to gain a foothold on a certain gender within their market of operation.

As organizations continue to evolve, they must all maintain pace with society. In comparison to historical organizations that had limited research methods at their fingerprints, organizations today can utilize government organizations and/or leverage the internet to gather data via surveys. This data is essential in how their ...

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