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    Electronic and Digital Media Industry

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    1. Describe the role technology has played in electronic and digital media.
    2. Discuss the historical and contemporary roles of media in society.
    3. Describe how the chemical and electronic technology of photography, recording, and transmission has advanced from initial discovery to the present.
    4. Describe how mass media uses these technological innovations.
    5. Analyze how the development of digital technology has affected the content, distribution, and style of electronic media.
    6. Discuss how the role of mass media has changed with these developments.

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    1. Technology has become more and more advanced throughout the years, evolving into electronic and digital media. Now, in today's technology-driven society, electronic media is widely popular, especially with internet use. Why purchase magazines from stores anymore when you can simply log onto a website for free and view the content. This is called electronic media writing. And, now aspiring journalists should be confident in writing online, because more employers want to see their potential employees be able to write electronically for their audience. Digital media, on the other hand, is changing as well. With the evolution and advancement of high definition with radio and television, more aspiring workers in the field are considering this aspect of communications. Also, with Apple having their digital products such as the iPad and MP3 and MP4 players, more and more learners are recognizing the potential of each. Now, high schools and universities are implementing these digital services into their product lines.

    2. The historical roles of media in society were highly important and continue to change in today's society. The media's role in early history was to most importantly, report the news objectively, while being fair and honest, keeping in mind ...

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    Electronic and digital media industries are examined. How mass media uses these technological innovations are described.