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    Bias in politics

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    Discuss problems of bias in political elections and what, if anything, can be done to improve our capacity to choose good people for the job and comfort us that we have done so adequately and fairly.

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    This discussion is not in favour of or against any particular political party. The ideas, facts, and subsequent discussion presented are only done so in an attempt to fully address the question as presented.

    -- When we discuss the problems of bias in political elections, we naturally have to look at where the public obtains their information. I will use myself as an example. I am an average citizen. Shortly before an election, I will start to gather information on each candidate. I will want to research and understand Candidate A's views and Candidate B's views. I will then take that information and make a decision as to who I feel will perform the job most satisfactorily. I will ideally weigh each candidate's views, education, experience, and past work history to make my decision. During this same period of decision making (leading up to our political election), the media also knows that I am in this indecisive state. I will witness countless television commercials from the candidates and I will see information in many places, which include online news sites, ...

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    This solution discusses bias in politics. A thorough discussion is provided.