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    DVD Promotion in a Television Station

    A television station is considering the sale of promotional DVDs. It can have the DVDs produced by one of two suppliers. Supplier A will charge the station a set-up fee of $1,200 plus $2 for each DVD. Supplier B has no set-up fee and will charge $4 per DVD. The station estimates its demand for the D READ MORE »

    Economics / Economic Development / Supply and Demand » 400487

    Game Plan for Court Questions

    You are the manager of a paper mill and have been subpoenaed to appear before a joint session of the Senate Consumer Affairs and the Senate Environmental subcommittees. The Consumer Affairs Subcommittee is interested in your testimony about the pricing practices of your company because a recent new READ MORE »

    Economics / Microeconomics / Output & Costs » 414036

    Corporate Ethics Officer: Prepare a job description for the new position

    You have been asked by your CEO to recruit for a new position: corporate ethics officer. Prepare a job description for this new position. In the job description, make sure to discuss the role the ethics officer will play in the company as well as the qualifications this individual must hold.

    Business / Business Philosophy and Ethics » 411145

    Agency problem

    How does the agency problem affect accountants? How has SOX changed the situation?

    Business / Business Law » 394558
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