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    Internal Analysis for Google 2012

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    In this question, please conduct an analysis of the internal workings of Google over 2012.

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    This should provide you with some information and ideas. There are also links provided with sources of information on Google's history and financial standings.

    Google is one of the most well-known and well-used search engines on the internet. They have created some of the most innovative software for gathering data and how it is organized. Performing a SWOT analysis will help to provide more information about Google. Below is some basic information.

    -Leading player in the global Internet software & industry services market
    -3.1% share of the market value
    -66.8% share of the global search market
    -Hearty financials standings
    -Year-Year net income increase of 15%
    -Year-Year gross profit increase of 31%
    -Google provides their services in several languages worldwide.
    -They have a very well developed infrastructure.
    -Low operations cost.
    -Very well diverse in the social media levels: Gmail, YouTube and Facebook.

    -They rely greatly of their advertisement for revenue. It is calculated they generate about 70% their income through ...

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    This solution provides a SWOT analysis for Google in 2012.