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    Case Study: Keeping the Cloud Computing Mastermind Happy

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    Guidelines for Action and Skill Development
    Chapter 5: Contingency and Situational Leadership
    "Keeping the Cloud Computing Mastermind Happy"
    Page 163

    Imagine that you are on the Google board of directors. Evaluate the above case study and report back to your fellow board members.

    1. Read the Chapter 5 Leadership Case Problem (See Attachment): "Keeping the Cloud Computing Mastermind Happy."
    2. Research the Google 20 percent time program, both on the company Web site and in an independent article.

    1. Determine the leadership styles and qualities used by both Google management and by Bisciglia in this case and which one is more effective. Justify your answers.
    2. Analyze how situational leadership is relevant to this case.
    3. Examine the Google 20 percent time program and its impact on employee and organizational performance.
    4. Determine if Google as a company has a preferred leadership style and its impact on organizational performance.

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    1. The leadership styles used by Google's Management in this case is Laisezz-Fare leadership. It is a form of leadership in which complete autonomy and freedom is given to the subordinates. In this case, the company autonomy and freedom to Bisciglia was given complete freedom to work on his new idea. Further, Google's 20 percent time program is also an example of Laisezz Fare Leadership.

    The leadership style displayed by Bisciglia was Transformational leadership. He inspired the recruits by telling them about the bigger picture and view of the future by telling them to dream and learn to work on a very large scale. He injected passion into the recruits by providing them information on exciting future developments.

    In my opinion, both leadership styles have their own merits in this case. The laissez-fare ...

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