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    E-Commerce Business Information Systems

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    What e-commerce type (B2B, B2C, C2C) do you think is the largest in dollars exchanging today? What does the merging of B2B and B2C within the company offer the customer and company?

    What is your opinion of cloud computing - will it eliminate or drastically decrease the need for users to buy the real application software on CD - OR -- use the web application? If you would use cloud computing what part would you use in business and personally? Why don't you want to use cloud computing?

    How important is CRM to your company? Provide an example how your company manages CRM. If you are a full-time student find an article on this subject and provide the answers from the article perspective.

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    The e-commerce type that I feel is largest in dollars exchanging today is B2B. This is firms selling to each other such as manufacturers selling to retailers, manufacturers selling to distributors, wholesalers selling to retailers. Since the volume of trade through B2B sites is very large, it is the e-commerce type that I feel is largest in dollars exchanging today. The merging of B2B and B2C within the company offers the customers improved customer service. Currently, business buyers also want better customer service. The companies are using their IT and marketing for improving customer experience. Merging B2B and B2C streamlines the process and allows the company to realize economies of scale. The merging of the two processes enables business and IT decision makers to improve customer experience.

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    My opinion of cloud computing is that it has developed because of the increased use of internet. Instead of downloading software on a computer, cloud computing allows users to access ...

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