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1. E-commerce can help or hinder an organization. Take a stand on one side and defend it.

2. It is usually agreed that "stores without walls" give customers many advantages. Discuss some of the disadvantages.

3. What is better, centralized or decentralized systems? Take a stand on one side and defend (and support!) your position.

4. If you were a CEO hiring someone to do Systems Development, what criteria (more than two) would you use to make your choice?

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E-commerce can help or hinder an organization. Take a stand on one side and defend it.
1. Before anything else, let us first establish the fact that not all products can be sold online (McNamara, n.d.). There are just some products that are not compatible to be sold using the e-commerce system. Some products need lot of face-to-café selling while some others cost a lot on shipment (McNamara, n.d.).

However, I believe and take my stand that e-commerce is such a wonderful opportunity or tool to help boost an organization engaged in product marketing. E-commerce is not a new technology. Since the early 1970s, there were already transactions made online such as the electronic funds transfer (E-Business & E-Commerce, n.d.). It was only in the early 1990s that e-commerce has exploded rapidly following commercial acceptance and utilization of the internet (E-Business & E-Commerce, n.d.). Today, what do we see? Simply, almost all, great and small organizations are using ecommerce business strategy.

There are a lots of benefits why e-commerce is a potential marketing tool in helping out organizations. Below are just some of these (E-Business & E-Commerce, n.d.) :
 "Expands a company's marketplace to national and international markets. With minimal capital outlay, a company can quickly locate more customers, the best suppliers, and the most suitable business partners worldwide".
 "Enables companies to procure material and services from other countries, rapidly and at less cost".
 "Shortens or even eliminates marketing distribution channels, making products cheaper and vendors' profits higher".
 "Decreases (by as much as 90 percent) the cost of creating, processing, distributing, storing, and retrieving digitizable products and services (e.g., music, software)".
 "Allows lower inventories by facilitating "pull"-type supply chain management This allows product customization and reduces inventory costs".
 " Lowers telecommunications costs because the Internet is much cheaper than value-added networks (VANs)".

It is usually agreed that "stores without walls" give customers many advantages. Discuss some of the disadvantages.
2. Indeed, while ...

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The solution analyzes management information systems help. An analysis of what a hiring CEO would look for in a systems developer is given.

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