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Knowledge management information systems

Looking for a few paragraphs based on the below information to help get a discussion going:

Instructor's note: Information systems do more than facilitate storage and communication of data, assist in data becoming information and information becoming knowledge. However, a lot of work must go into setting up the systems. Needs of various user levels must be analyzed, data must be identified, and it must be organized.

The textbook's project for Chapter 11 is "Management Decision Problems" and involves designing a knowledge portal (attached). A portal is important, but it is just the access point for users of the data/information/knowledge.

You should discuss the different opportunities for data storage, information collection, knowledge management, and decision support in a pharmaceutical firm as described by that project. You should first initially answer "What is a knowledge management system?"

As you discuss this, consider not only the technology, but the needs and abilities of the users of the technology as well.


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Let us first start with definition and understanding of knowledge management system. Knowledge management system can be defined as an information technology based system that helps in managing the knowledge base of an organization over a centralized platform. It helps in the entire process of knowledge management, right from the process of capturing or creating the knowledge base to storage and dissemination of data to the users in the organization. An efficient knowledge management system helps in secure storage and dissemination of knowledge base and allows ready access to information for users in the organization.

Knowledge management systems help in integrating the knowledge management initiatives over a centralized platform and facilitate decision making, collaborative work, ...

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