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    Effective Project Planning

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    You are to carefully read the following three articles and then develop an integrative essay which focuses on "keys to success" for effective project planning. This should be a 3- to 5-page essay. Note that each of the articles below focuses on different elements, but has combinations of many of the components of planning. When you are finished, submit your essay.

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    Step 1
    The first article focuses on process standards. These standards lead to increases in project maturity. These standards improve the project delivery systems to higher levels of efficiency and productivity. Process maturity improves business value. This article shows how there should be a transformation of project management culture. Improved project management culture can increase the profits of the business (a). The second article provides a strategy for improving project management. The strategy is that the approach for improvement should begin with a team which is open to retrospection. This approach should be implemented on a pilot level and others will be attracted to the approach. To make the adoption faster, the top leaders should be involved, and educated about the benefits of multiple retrospectives. The objective is to adopt retrospectives as a common practice for capturing key learning. The key take away from this article is that a small implementation should be started and expand when demonstrable results are achieved. Also, an end of project retrospective is conducted after each project and data collected is used for standardization of key programs and management processes (b). The third article stresses the use of the PIPS best value PM model. This model consists of selection of vendor based on past performance, prioritization of best value and requesting the best value vendor to create quality control, ...

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