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Career Counseling and Job Search

Career Counseling

Provide the name, URL or information about accessing the source if it is not a Web site, and a brief description of each of the two sites/sources selected. Explain how one would use these sites/sources with the client population. Provide specific examples if possible, that is, describe the client, his/her situation, and explain which site would be used and how/why.

Select two sites/sources of information, at least one from each grouping (CIDS and job search. Explore at least one state-based CID, (www.employFlorida.com))

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Resource 1: Career One Stop

- Type - Resource Center Online for career information and management
- URL - http://www.careeronestop.org/COS_Aboutus.aspx
- Publisher - The State of Minnesota/ The US Department of Labor

This particular Career Information Delivery System (CIDS) indexes jobs available across America which connects people to employment and training opportunities available at all US job centers. Here they can search for jobs available in their localities and other cities. Additionally, unemployment benefits, career development opportunities and educational and training opportunities sponsored by the government, the state and related offices are also indexed which the users can immediately enquire about for access. This allows for the individual to get information about employment and education ...

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Career counseling and job searches are examined. The expert explains how one would use these sites/sources with the client population.