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Career Counseling - the use of computer technology in career counseling services

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A brief rationale for the use of computers in career counseling is presented and several current systems are described in our book. Most of the systems consist of two major functional components: an information system for the storage and retrieval of different types of career information, and a guidance system allowing the client to access instruction in the career decision making process, assessment, prediction for future success, assistance with planning, and development of strategies for future plans.

Vernon Zunker says:
The rationale for computer-assisted career guidance stems from the need for up-to-date information about careers, post-secondary institutions and training programmes, etc. Note that computer programmes are designed to maximize the informational services and enhance the efficiency of the delivery of services to the client. They are not intended to replace the role of the counsellor.

In regards to career search, can you identify some areas where one would likely require individual career counseling and those areas where she/he would feel comfortable using the Internet. Why?

For example,
While it is clear that valid and reliable computer resources have a lot to offer in terms of up to date labour market projections, job descriptions, and in exposing people to a number of occupations, I find myself agreeing with Zunker that computer guidance systems should supplement, not take the place of, counsellor intervention. Often clients who seek out career counselling need help overcoming barriers that get in the way of making appropriate career choices.

Thank you for your help!

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Here is some information which will enable you to build up an answer:

Some areas where an individual requires career counseling
1) Identifying personality strengths and how they can be applied to selection of right job. Eg. An individual who likes interacting with people will find better scope in the service industry or in marketing
2) Deciding which course of study needs to be ...

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