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A Client's Past Decision-Making in Career Counseling

How might understanding the client's past decision making experiences inform your work as a career counselor? Why?

According to Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey (2009), career counselors seek to establish rapport with their clients, assess their client's career concerns, establish goals for the career counseling relationship, and intervene in ways that help clients cope more effectively with career concerns. Understanding a client's background and past decision making experiences can play an integral role in helping you as the counselor to provide the most effective career counseling services. It is important to not only understand the clients most recent past experiences, but also experiences before that which led them to where they are today. Family make-up and social and cultural background are also important factors to consider when guiding clients in career counseling. In career counseling, discussing a client's various past decision making experiences with them is useful in helping the client to see what they are really passionate about. It is important to develop a conversation which allows the client to see the pattern of their past decisions. In a case like Erika's, one would need to help her realize the career fields she is passionate about and those that she says she is interested in just because they are responsible, steady positions. Helping her to understand how her past decisions have determined these responses will help provide the most effective career counseling for her wants and needs.

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This solution describes how understanding a client's past decision making experiences might inform the work of a career counselor.