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Career Counseling: Interviewing Techniques

In order to develop intervention strategies and determine client needs, career counselors must use specific interviewing techniques. Identify, describe, and give examples of the interviewing techniques that have proven to be effective in career counseling.

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The techniques for career counseling interviewing play a major role in revealing the clients' career plans. Career counselors use specific interviewing techniques to assist clients as they explore and realize their strengths and weaknesses and identify possible career paths.

Establishing rapport is the initial step in building a mutual trust and understanding between the counselor and the client. The success of the counselor in connecting emotionally and mentally with the client depends on the former's ability to understand the problem from the client's perspective. Without the establishment of rapport and trust, it would be difficult to determine client needs and career aspirations.

Career counselors use observation techniques to gather data by directly observing the behavior of ...