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Employee Orientation Presentation

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I need to design and implement a training presentation for the management training track of a company that is a growing business consulting firm. I have to design new employee orientation presentations inclusive of our matrix structure. Our company places high value on making work meaningful for our employees believing this fosters creativity and innovation. Our company's culture encourages team orientation and I need to be able to train future managers, supervisors and project leaders as well as present managers. Please help me develop a training seminar that can include these points and help the employees understand these theories more clearly.

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Following will be the main topics & content of Seminar:

1. Orientation:
a) Given the introduction to co., its policies and brand equity in Industry and customers.
b) Oriented to all policies and procedures regarding employees.
c) The organization structure, role of selected person- his/her reporting structure and accountability. The matrix structure and roles are explained.
d) The vision, mission, values, moral code all is explained. The organization's culture supporting creativity and innovation is explained. The importance of team working and its relevance to Organization working is explained.
e) The career path in Organization and expectations from a particular employee.
f) The work company is doing to enhance value in market place and assessment of competitive environment, also the role of particular person in view of strategy adopted by company to remain ahead in market is explained to employee.
Training proposal:

On basis of note already prepared at the time of selection the training areas are identified for all the persons selected.
The participants are made to understand the usefulness of training and in future their career prospects dependence on application of training. They are briefly explained about the content, the procedure, tests to be conducted for evaluating learning and the expectation from participants about improvement in their work efficiency and effectiveness.
The following can be the various areas:
1. The specific knowledge ...

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Almost 900 words set up a training seminar for new employees in a team-orientated company.

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