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Preparing a Presentation for a Diverse Group of Employees

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You have been recently promoted as junior vice president of human resources at your organization. You need to prepare your first presentation on appropriate communication to a group of 20 newly hired employees for their orientation. The profile of the group is as follows:
- 15 entry-level with no corporate experience, of which 5 have no job experience whatsoever.
- 5 upper-level hires, of which 3 hold higher designations than yours. Their age ranges between 17 to 55 years.
- Of these 20, 6 are Hispanic, 2 are Asian, 2 are African-American, and 10 are Caucasian.
- 60% of the group are women.
- 2 disabled employees, one of whom has a hearing disability while the other uses a wheelchair.
Perform an audience analysis while planning your presentation. Ensure that you consider issues such as arrangement of the room, content and length of the presentation, and handouts and visual aids.

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Audience Analysis:

1. Arrangment of the room needs to be open towards the two disable employees. In particular, the employee with the hearing disability would need to be sat up front and the employee with a wheelchair needs to be put in an aisle with plenty of room and easy access for the employee.

2. The content needs to be average, but a balance needs to be made due to the issue that there are 5 upper-level hires who already are very knowledgeable and 15 with no corporate or job experience. The content should be moderate enough that the upper-level hires do not become easily distracted or bored, easy enough that the 5 employees with no job experience can follow along with no challenges, yet interesting enough to keep the attention of ...

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When preparing a mass presentation for a diverse group of employees many factors should be evaluated in order to meet the needs of the audience while concurrently performing an effective presentation that can be comprehended across all levels. The presentation must practice cultural competency and pay respect to gender, ethnicity and level of employee attending. This solution is 500 words.