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New Employee Orientation - HR

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The recruitment and selection process is complete. The new hire requires a job contract that includes the offer and terms of acceptance. To create the job contract you must use the position for hire developed previously in this course. In addition, create a new employee orientation schedule that you plan to use when communicating expectations to the potential new hire after he or she accepts the job offer.

Address the scope and sequence of events as the information is presented in a calendar format.


The first day of employment is typically a day of mixed emotions. Emotions like excitement for the new challenges and professional growth and apprehension surrounding the uncertainty of the new environment and meeting new people. To minimize the stress created by the uncertain aspects of the first day, keep in mind that the company will dedicate effort into planning an effective orientation, training modules, comprehensive tour and meetings with different key people. The goal is for the new employee to understand the company's culture and how the new role aligns within the organization's objectives and goals.
Figure 1: First day planning guide
Daily Calendar Date: 8/1/2011

Time To Do Duration

8am - 9am Welcome and introduction of the new employee 30-45 minutes

9am - 10am ID badges, parking decals, and any other required documentation. Tour of the office and other facilities like restrooms and lunch room. 30-45 minutes

10am Ice breaker activity 30 minutes

10:30am -12pm Group presentation to get acquainted 60-90 minutes

12pm - 1pm Lunch 60 minutes

1pm - 2pm Engage an open discussion to discuss the company's policies & procedures 60 minutes

2pm - 3pm Review job description, benefit information, facilities or equipment concerns. 60 minutes

3pm -5pm Invite a member of the executive team as a guest speaker to welcome the person or group. It is important to create an open forum and friendly discussion regarding the company and the new employee's expectations. Have the new employee (s) feel comfortable to ask questions. Plan for questions and answers. 120 minutes

5pm End of first day

Within the first week the activities performed by the new employee or group of employees will be focused in training and socialization with current staff. The goal of the employer must be on getting the new employee developed a sense of belonging to the company. Training sessions must have a plan and a completion timeline to avoid delays and increase training costs. Managers need to be sensitive with the timeline and plan the week's activities in a way to assign enough time every for training.
Figure 2: Weekly Planning guide
? Assist new employee(s) to get the ID badge, parking authorization and any other required documentation.
? Welcome to the new employee(s) and participate in a group presentation activity.
? Prepare an Ice breaker activity.
? Review policies and procedures.
? Review job description, benefits information,

TUESDAY ? Introduce the assigned senior associate who will buddy-up and help with the transition.
? Identify and provide the new employees with the company's organizational chart and key functions.
? Tour of adjacent offices and supporting departments and meet and greet with team managers.
? Set up meeting with HR and with managers from other supporting departments.
WEDNESDAY ? Introduction to the company's culture.
? Share the history, core values, goals, and company's objectives.
? Have lunch with the new employee(s) to promote socialization.
? Provide time for new employee to start training with the buddy.
THURSDAY ? Review the employees understanding and feedback regarding the company and the drive behind the company's goals.
? Introduce the employee to the team's objective and how they align with those of the company.
? Allow time to continue training.
FRIDAY ? Pulse check of the week's activities to verify if the company is meeting the new associate(s) expectations.
? Develop a training plan and timeline for the upcoming week and upcoming month.
? Identify any challenges encountered at this time.
? Provide time to continue training and transitioning.

One month after the effective date, the employee has a better understanding of the company policies and procedures, communication channels, the company's organizational chart and supporting departments. It is time to meet and gain knowledge of possible challenges and areas of improvements. Moreover, management must communicate the new employee important events regarding benefits package and timelines.
Figure 3: Monthly Planning guide

? Review orientation material and information received through the course of the training.
? Restate and discuss the company's mission, vision, values, objectives and goals.
? Gather feedback regarding challenges or improvements in areas like training materials and sessions, problem resolution tools, communication channels, policies and procedures.
? Review department procedures and upcoming benefits like the 90 days review, vacation time, personal time off, sick time benefits and use, attendance policy, salary increase timeline.
? Review job description and evaluate performance so far.
? Assess accomplishments and impact of new employee's performance to the team and if available to organization.
? Develop a plan for future training and development of existing or new skills.
? Develop a 30 day performance goal and schedule an evaluation meeting.
? Offer suggestion on areas the employee can improve and make the employee aware about the 90 days performance review.

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