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    IKEA policy and business practice case study

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    1) What is the case about ?

    2) Summarize IKEA HR policies

    3) Are the HR policies fit with business objectives?

    2) What are the strong points?

    3) Weaknesses of the system

    4) Recommendations

    Is that case available on internet with initial questions?

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    You have asked for some insight on the above questions about the attached IKEA case study. I have attached my thoughts about the questions as they relate to the case study. Each question is addressed specifically, but most of my responses have been listed in point form so that if you need to make an essay response, you can reference the attached material.

    1. What is the case about?

    This case study examines the history of the IKEA Company, how it evolved over time and how it managed to re-invent itself over and over again to respond to the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. The study also takes a look at the many Human Resource policies and resulting programs that have been implemented by IKEA in an attempt to improve business, employee skill, education and sense of well-being, and to grow as a competitive and cutting edge company. This case study shows how IKEA's unique approach to ALL employees, not just the managers has enabled it to create new and innovative products, maintain employee happiness and more importantly loyalty. According to this article, IKEA has managed to do all this without losing any of its profit margin. In fact, the statistics even suggest that profits have increased as a result of this unique approach.

    2. Policies

    On Page 14 of this case study you will find a chart of IKEA's values. Many of these values are reflected in the company's policies. Below is a point form summary of some of the more interesting and innovative policies and programs.

    ? To create a better everyday life for the many people. This included employees, customers and the community. The company believed that happy employees would be more productive. The company focussed its attention on employees as well as the general public, recognizing that happy and loyal employees would reinvest in the company by buying products and thereby increasing company profits.

    ? Employee empowerment. Employees, who feel that they are able to make their own decisions and contribute of their own free will, are more productive employees.

    ? Flexibility of management to accept and accommodate the different needs of the employees.

    ? Educational reimbursements the most generous in ...

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    This solution provides some insight on the policy and business practices of the IKEA company, as described in the attached case study.