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    Culture and Assessment

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    Case study:

    Luis A. is a 10-year-old bilingual student who speaks fluent Spanish and English, although he only speaks Spanish at home with his family. At school, in the classroom, Luis speaks English, but when he is with his friends, he speaks Spanish. Recently, his written work and grades in English class have been on a downward spiral. His teacher has referred him to the school psychologist.

    With regards to the case study, please help me with a description of multicultural and/or diversity considerations that one might have when working with the client in the aforementioned case study. What are the implications to the client? Finally, explain how one would address these issues, noting the specific steps one could take.

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    Culture and Assessment

    Multicultural competency (Sue, Arredondo, & McDavies 1992) has emerged as an important topic in psychological counseling and assessment. The concept was primarily coined to assist counselors and practitioners in developing an awareness of multicultural skills when working with diverse populations. However, research evolved to show that other professionals need multicultural competencies to effectively address the challenges associated with diversity in school and on campuses. Thus, in response to the considerations underlying the concept of multicultural competency cultural diversity has become a core issue in education.

    Being culturally aware suggests taking interest in the growing, diverse society in which interaction takes place in education. For example, without attention given to multicultural competencies in the class room biases may occur when interacting with others on various levels of diversity such as: (a) race, (b) gender, (c) sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic issues; and affecting others with different cultural backgrounds. ...

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    This solution discusses a specific case study and the issue of competency when working with a diverse population.