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    Doctoral Study for a Target Population

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    Analyze ethical considerations that require attention for a target population when conducting the process of doctoral research. The analysis must encompass, a brief description of a target population within the Doctoral Study, as well as any applicable aspects that could be examined by the Institutional Review Board. A brief description of a target population in the DOC study including for example, access, data, restrictions or population. Finally include how this population along with its ethical considerations both influence the process as well as the comprehensive value of one's doc research study. Use at least two scholarly sources. APA style.

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    The subject of my Doctoral Study is "Equality of Pay for Women at Wal-Mart". The target population in the DOC study is all current employees of Wal-Mart. The access to the employees will be either through referral by other employees or by e-mail. The data collected from the respondents will be tabulated, analyzed, and inferences made from the analysis. The restrictions are that personally identifiable information will be removed from the ...

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