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    Research Quality Criteria

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    Please Answer. A minimum of 3 citations is required.
    1. As an independent scholar, what does the concept of "research quality" mean to you? Explain, and provide supporting examples.
    2.In your opinion, what are the most critical components for evaluating the quality of a quantitative or qualitative research study? Explain, and provide supporting examples.
    3.As a global change agent, how will you ascertain research quality in your doctoral research study to promote positive social change?

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    Research quality means several things to me. The outcomes, interventions, and population is meaningful and adds to the body of knowledge in my area of research. For example, if required a large population must be used. Research quality means high quality of method used for research, detailed description of statistics used, and there must be statistical significance of the results. There must be balanced conclusions. For example, the study must not give advocate a particular method or viewpoint without giving limitations (a). Most importantly, ...

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