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Program for School Behavior Change

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Please see the attached document as an example of a presentation of a School-Wide Positive Behavior Support: Getting Started.

Choose a school level (elementary, middle, or high school) to create a School-Wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports system (SWPBIS) plan. Use the information found in the presentation provided as your foundation.

Your plan must include:

-Rationale and features.
-What will be included in the plan. For example:
School safety
Character education
School spirit
-Discuss how you will implement this practice.
-Discuss how will you inform students and keep it enforced. For example:
Any teacher can hand out a ticket
Tickets can only be given out during certain times of the day
Student's name must immediately be written on the ticket
State who will be in charge of administering the rewards.
Describe the kinds of rewards you will offer the students, and how often will they be administered. For example:
Students will collect tickets from any teacher when they are caught doing something good. At the end of the semester, there will be a "price" guide where the tickets can be traded
Students will be acknowledged each semester for things like perfect attendance, good citizenship, and service to the school and community
Peer nominations for specific awards
Create a presentation using PowerPoint. The SWPBIS plan must be 10 to 15 slides in length, with a title slide, an introduction slide, and a reference slide and formatted according to the APA guidelines.

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The presentation is an example of a possible rewards program to promote behavior change and positive outcomes among high schools and students.

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