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Positive Behavioral Support Program

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Your company is still consulting with Pathway High School, an alternative high school for students who have been unsuccessful in their original school due to challenging behavior. Remember that Pathway hired your company 6 months ago to implement a School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support (SWPBS) program.

Read the assigned web article - "Measurement Counts! Why Do We Measure? And How?" before you answer this discussion topic. You can access the article in the reading section of this unit or through the following link: http://www.performancexpress.org/0307/mainframe0307.html#title8

In your own words, define the three reasons given for gathering data. Explain how each of these applies to Pathway High School's Positive Behavioral Support Program.

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The expert examines the positive behavioral support program. The alternative high school students challenging behavior is provided.

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Three Reasons for Gathering Data
and the Positive Behavioral Support Program

First, the question of PBS. This is a system that does two things: first, it categorizes problem students based on their behavior and external risk factors that might be causing or sustaining it. Secondly, it chooses from a set of strategies that are meant to solve the problems and issues identified in the first stage.

Depending on the severity of the problem and the ability of the child to respond, there are several means of modifying such behavior. In brief, they revolve around a few basic concepts:

1. Teaching the student about a range of alternative behaviors that might lead to more constructive results.
2. The use of mechanisms of distraction, ignoring or desensitization to alter how the brain receives and processes the negative stimulus. One can ignore the child's behavior if it has been determined that they are seeking attention; one can distract the child if the behavior is just a matter of impulsive responses to stimuli, and finally, desensitizing the student, though more complex, has to do with slowly using different problem stimuli to get students used to it. It is similar to the concept of facing one's fear to overcome it.
3. For Behaviorists, the central concept is to reward good behavior consistently, and punish bad behavior consistently. The point is to eventually create a "short circuit" where bad ...

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