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Defiantion for popular sstatistical terms

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Define and discuss the following statistical terms within the context of a business example. Each answer should be one paragraph in length.

1. Statistics and descriptive statistics
2. Population and Sample
3. Cardinal, Ordinal, and Scale Data
4. Random sample, random error, sampling error
5. Qualitative variables
6. Quantitative variables
7. Discrete variables
8. Continuous variable
9. Observational study
10. Designed experiment
11. Null and Alternate Hypothesis
12. Randomized design and matched pair design
13. Scales of measurement, nominal scale, ordinal scale, ratio scale, and interval
14. Bar chart, pie chart, histogram, dot plot, stem and leaf plot, ogive
15. Measures of central tendency, mean, median, and mode Measures of
central tendency

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The attached document gives definitions of popular terms in Statistics .

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