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Array sorting and finding values in Visual Basic

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See the attached file.
I have a multi-dimensional array that needs to have the following questions answered each by a separate button and sub or function procedure.

The array is
Dim Kidsinsports(10,3) " schools + sports" e.g. School 1 has 10 kids in football, 10 in basketball and 10 in volleyball. Sports are organized by (Football, Basketball, Volleyball)

Dim costofsports(3,10) = equals to home much each individual school spent for Basketball, footbal, volleyball

Dim kidsinsports(,) As Integer = {{10, 10, 10}, {20, 10, 15}, {10, 5, 10}, {20, 20, 20}, {11, 10, 12}, {22, 10, 10}, {5, 0, 5}, {10, 12, 23}, {15, 3, 9}, {12, 17, 24}}

Dim costofsports(,) As Double = {{100, 200, 150, 120, 231, 102, 87, 145, 156, 130}, {100, 56, 78, 99, 105, 180, 230, 165, 134, 75}, {110, 120, 130, 140, 77, 120, 150, 150, 190, 200}}

1. Which school spent the most money on football
2. Which sport the last school spent the most money on
3. Which school had the most kids playing basketball
4. Which sport the third school had the most students participating
5. Total amount spent by call schools on volleyball
6. Total number of students who played any sport
7. Which school has the most students participating in sports
8. Which was the most popular sport in terms of money spent
9. Which was the most popular sport in terms of student participation
10. Total number of students playing basketball.

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The solution provides sample codes of sorting array in Bisual Basic.

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