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    VB.NET GUI program that reads file data files display, sort

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    I need assistance with a Visual Basic form. I can create the GUI and button functions, but I am having issues creating a program that allows users to ingest Mission Title and Adjusted Total Box Office Profit data from text files into two 1D arrays. Please also include some release notes to show when you were creating objects or functions. Any help is appreciated.

    Obtain the required information from attached "title.txt" and "boxoffice.txt" files.

    1. Create a form that has a text area that will hold Mission Title and Adjusted Total Box Office Profit data.
    2. Create 2 buttons that allows users to sort the arrays by "Title" from A-Z or "Adjusted total box office" contents from low to high (0-9).
    3. Create a "Load" button that populates the two 1D arrays with all of the information and displays onto the text area as read by the text file.
    4. The load button must populate the arrays by ingesting two provided text files. Ensure the arrays are large enough to hold future data (>50 elements).
    5. Use the two provided text files and ingest them by using the File Browser. Do not hard code any location.
    6. Create a single text area to display the two array information in a combined manner.
    7. When a user clicks 'Load' the program ingests the two files and displays the info into a single text area.
    8. Create a clear button that clears the arrays and also the text area.
    9. DO NOT hard code file data or expected information. Meaning, do not HARD CODE data into the array or file locations.
    10. If a user already clicked 'Load' and they click 'Load' again, clear all existing data. Ingest the two files and update the display.
    11. When there are >= 3 entries in the array, display on a label the top 1/3rd adjusted total box office mission titles listed from high to low.
    12. Do not hard code the top/summary data. The data used in the top calculation shall be used from the arrays.
    13. Ensure to provide instruction to the user of how to use the program. Create a menu bar item which contains a "help" function.
    14. Ensure that sorting the arrays does not corrupt the relationship between the two arrays. You can perform the sort with one line of code.
    15. You should be able to sort A-Z, Z-A, 0-9 and also 9-0 while still retaining the correct relationships.

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    VB.NET GUI program will allow user to select two files (movie titles and box office data), stores data in arrays, displays in text box. Buttons are provided to sort the data by different criteria.