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Business Research Report

• How would you go about conducting the planning and research design for a restaurant, and night club?
• What would be the best research method to use for a restaurant and night club? What would be researched?
• After the sampling process how do you go about collecting the data, and processing the data?
• What should be included in the research methodology for restaurant and nightclub?
• Assistance with graphic Aids or charts would be appreciated.

Using the attachment labeled File 1 address the following:
• Describe the sampling method used in this study. Distinguish among population, sample, and sampling methods in your response.
• Discuss why the sampling method and sample size make these results questionable, even though the numbers were reported as if they were precise. What issues in specifying sample size are reflected in this case? How might you improve the sample design and select an appropriate sample size?

Using attachment labeled File 2 address the following:
• What course of action would you recommend to Downy-Q's management based on the available descriptive statistics to the advertising campaign? Explain the rationale for your recommendation.
• What additional data might be useful in determining an appropriate course of action? Why would it be useful?
• What warnings would you give to Downy-Q related to the interpretation of the data?

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