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    You have been asked by the executive committee of your company to research a technology that addresses a specific business issue within your company and to write a report on the technology solution for the executive management team, giving the strategic implications of the information technology solution on your business for the next three years.

    I have chosen to write my report on IBM. This is fictitious situation. One their client end-users are having some issues procuring IBM's IT services. I would like to research a development of an internet delivered knowledge portal that would allow the customer to link directly to IBM's intranet resources. It would be a point of contact with IBM and will allow them access to integrated information, knowledge, learning experiences, advice, and guidance.

    Could you please provide me with some help on this subject? I'm having issues mostly with the following :

    Research Findings on the Topic
    Recommendations for the Executive Management Team

    I'm not asking you to do the assignment for me. I just need some guidance.

    Below is the outline to follow:

    I. Abstract
    II. Purpose of the Report
    III. Background of the Company
    IV. Discussion of Current Business Issues
    V. Research Findings on the Topic
    VI. Recommendations for the Executive Management Team
    VII. Attachments
    i. Bibliography

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    //Before writing about the purpose of the report, it is necessary to have knowledge about the main aim of the company. One should know about the key variables required to address during the procedure, which further will assist in analyzing different functions of the selected company that is IBM//


    Information Technology has become necessity in every organization and it provides firm with specific advantage which results in competitive edge over other firms. Investigation is conducted to deal with specific business issue of technology. A report is prepared on procuring I.T. Services from IBM. Company has the aim of connecting with IBM for I.T services information and knowledge through Internet. Business services offered by IBM are studied and specific focus is on consulting and information services. Website services and other Application services are also investigated to report on I.T. Issues. The strategic implication of information technology solution will provide knowledge, consultancy which will help in building competitive advantage.

    //Above is the discussion of main aim of the company key variables. As per the next directions, I will discuss about the Purpose of the Report, Technology and company history//

    Purpose of the Report:

    The report aims at obtaining information about I.T. Services from the IBM, an information technology and consulting corporation. A study is conducted on how to access integrated information, acquire knowledge and guidance.


    Technology is a sort of knowledge or skill used for employing and managing factors of production that lead to output of product and services. There are generally three types of technology. (Baranson, 1978).

    1. Process Technology

    2. Product Technology

    3. Management Technology

    Technology is a strategic asset and firm product & services portfolio is enhanced through it. It helps to produce products with new features that attract the consumers and the firm acquires a competitive advantage.

    About the company

    International Business Machine Corporation was founded in 1889 and incorporated in 1911 located in New York, U.S.A. IBM is an Information Technology and consulting Corporation, it is in the industry of manufacturing Hardware, Software, consulting and I.T. Services. In 1916, it was listed in NYSE and adopted IBM name in 1924 after becoming Fortune 500 Company. Samuel J. Palmisano is the chairman and CEO of the company. It is on the second position in computers after Hewlett Packard. In 2006, it generated revenues of $ 91.4 Billion and net income of $9.4 Billion (USD).

    Its Punch line is 'On Demand Business, in demand people'. Subsidiaries of IBM are ADSTAR, IRIS Associates, FileNet, Informix, and Lotus Software. A project named Big Green is launched in 2007 by the company at ...

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