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Use of a Press Release, message, content and purpose

Since GGI has very little or no market recognition, you decide to explore Public Relations and discuss it with senior management. Public Relations is communication with the public, or even internal to the company, that promotes a positive image for the organization or brand.

Choose a Fortune 500 company and visit its website. Search for Press Releases and read two or three of them. Take notes on the following:

What is the general context of the Press Release (PR)?

What was accomplished in the communication?

Consider more than just the obvious message.
Were the press releases related in any way to each other or to major news or industry trends occurring at that time?

Did the company send a consistent and coherent message?

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General Context of Press Releases

1. IBM advances Analytics with Acquisition of Coremetrics: 15 Jun 2010

IBM announced through this press release its acquisition of Coremetrics, a leader in web analytics software. Coremetrics is a privately held company based in San Mateo, CA.

2. IBM to acquire Open Pages: 15 Sep 2010

IBM announced its agreement to acquire OpenPages, a privately held company based in Waltham, MA. OpenPages provides software that helps companies more easily identify and manage risk and compliance activities across the enterprise through a single management system.

3. IBM acquires Clarity Systems: 21 Oct 2010

The press release was made from IBM's headquarters in Armonk, New York to communicate public of its acquisition of Clarity Systems. Clarity is a privately-held company based in Toronto, Canada and delivers financial governance software that enables organizations to automate the process of collecting, preparing, certifying and controlling financial statements for electronic filing, in support of mandates by the SEC and other financial regulatory agencies.

The press releases are issued at the discretion of IBM management in order to promote major accomplishments and activities of the company. Press release is also an effective tool which has been used by IBM for distributing ...

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The use of a press release, message, content and purpose are examined.