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    Explanation of how to analyze Internet/Web communication

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    By analyzing the "About Us" section or a "Press Release" section of a website there is the need to:

    Identify the Web site, the message that it wants to communicate, the sender, and the perceived receiver.
    Analyze the integrated business communication.
    Assess the media richness of the section.
    Describe how the message is framed.
    Identify opinion leaders.
    Make recommendations for improving word choice and communication strategy

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    Please view this example so you can better understand website integrated communication:


    In this Web Page related to the american Website the Company tries to communicate its corporate philosophy (sender) to both customers and investors (receivers). There is a payoff saying "Lifestyle Enriching Creativity and Innovation" which is the core component of their Integrated Communication Strategy. There has to be a constant and an invariable message that remains the same throughout the so called promotion mix (adverstising, public relations, sales promotion, sponsorships and social media).

    In the "About ...

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    By choosing a Company corporate website we try to analyze the most important sections which deal with final consumers and opinion leaders and view if communication could be efficient and effective for website users.