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Role of the Internet and its future

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Describe in detail, how the role of the Internet has changed since its inception? How do you see the future of the Internet, and why?

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Internet came in existence in 1969 when ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency) was created which connected five sites: UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, BBN and University of Utah and BBN. ARPANET was renamed as INTERNET in 1984. At that time it connected around 1000 hosts. In its early days, Internet was used for research and academic purpose only. Later, with the advent of Electronic-Mail, it became a form of communication. Number of Internet users has increased dramatically over last two decades. In 1998, there were merely 50 million users which had grown to more than 450 million (which does not include the people accessing Internet through private addressing schemes). The large number of Internet users from every corner of world has made Internet an integral part of commerce.

In 2000 when Internet boom ended, Internet witnessed decline in investment. In spite of decline in investment, number of Internet users kept growing. Soon, bandwidth became very important factor as role of Internet started to change. People started shifting from low speed dial up connection to high speed broadband connection. As more and more bandwidth became available, role of Internet also changed completely. In 2003, Online Publishers ...

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Solution clearly explains how the role of the Internet has changed since its inception and how the future of the Internet is likely to be.

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