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    Ineffective Press Release - Criminology

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    Identify a press release that is poorly written and rewrite it to make it more effective. Include either the Web site links to the press releases chosen, or copy and paste them directly into the document.

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    Effective Technical Notices

    Notices, Warnings & Public Information Services more often than not take the form of printed text. A written notice that communicates effectively is composed well, written assertively using words that can be clearly grasped by the public with a clear message about what the subject of the notice is. It takes the tone of an assertive communication, how the message is written and what it details is what it is - no covert intentions or particular manipulations can be sensed in the manner of its composition.

    As for 'conveying technical messages' , a sort of simplified layman's term is expected to convey such type of details in a public announcement message being that such an announcement encompasses people from all walks of life (the educated to less literate). Sometimes it is understandably difficult for members of the public to understand technical acronyms, especially that related to the web. For ...

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    The solution takes a sample press release, in this case, one released by the Internet Crime Center on an online scam. The solution looks at the press release closely and presents an alternative rewrite to make the message clearer and straight to the point to ensure that the essential information comes across easily to the intended public. Written in APA format.