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Public Relations and News Releases

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Q 1. What are common purposes of news releases? Should a news-release writer try to infuse his or her editorial opinion into the news release? Why or why not?

Q 2. Discuss how public relations, as well as publicity, can have a greater effect on the consumer than the other elements in the integrated marketing/public relations/communications program-advertising, direct marketing, and so forth. Provide relevant examples to support your views.

Q 3. The Internet offers numerous advantages for conducting public relations activities. Describe at least two of these advantages and discuss how these approaches differ from traditional methods.

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Answer 1

Purposes of News Release
There are various purposes of a new release. First is to inform the public about the news item through using news media channels. The second purpose of a news release is to let the people know about the products or services of organizations. The third purpose is to promote sales of the products and services. The fourth purpose is to inform the public about various W related questions in terms of what, who, when and where (Henderson, 2006).

Editorial Opinion
Yes, a news release writer should infuse his or her editorial opinion into his news in order to make ...

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