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Mental illness and crime

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- Format can be research project, case study, or article review, etc.
- Length: 7 slide/screen minimum: 1 Opening slide, 5 content slides, 1 slide with references.
- Use bulletted points with concise descriptions - avoid copy and paste of paragraphs of text!
- Use APA citation for all direct quotes and paraphrases in the presentation - be sure to include a full APA reference for each source including the text if you use it (See the Student Resources for help on this)
- There is NO required number of references to be used but all will be reliable sources (this means no wikipedia and no blogs

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Mental illness and crimes are examined. The format for research projects are determined.

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Mental Illness and Crime

Powerpoint Presentation:
I'll list the slides below. You can organize them as you wish.
I'll put 3-4 points per slide.

Slide 1. That crime is a function of mental illness, or at least an essential causal factor, is not an uncommon claim.

The numbers of prison inmates with mental disorders had yet to be established, but estimates range from 20 to 80%.

The justice system in New South Wales, Australia, reports that of its prison population, about 50% of women have previously been treated for a mental disorder, while 33% of men had.

Contemporary research is almost unanimous that there is a direct, yet complex, link between different mental disorders and crime.

Slide 2. Several views are currently popular in the literature:
first, the formerly rejected thesis that violence is largely the result of mental illness has been resurrected.

Secondly, that there is a clear connection between mental illness and incarceration, but a link between illness an crime is another matter.

There is also a very clear link with mental illness, gender and violence. Men are far more likely to be violent with a mental problem than women are. However, mentally ill women are more prone to crime in general.

Slide 3. One study, performed by Hodgins (1993) held that there is a link between mental illness and crime, but this link is moderated by the fact that the use of illicit drugs is far higher among the mentally ill than any other population segment.

The US Justice Department issued its (1996) study on crime and mental illness under the authorship of John Monahan. While there is only a weak link between mental illness and violent crime, there is a robust link between mental disorders and crime in general.

Mental illness is linked with drug use, and drug use is linked to criminal behavior, especially violence. ...

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