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    Mental illness commiting crimes

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    First Question: Is everyone who commits a crime mentally ill? Why or why not?

    Second Questions: Should mentally ill people be held responsible for their actions? If so, when? If not, why?

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    First Question: Is everyone who commits a crime mentally ill? Why or why not?

    Everyone who commits a crime is not mental ill; in fact very few defenders have been able to successfully use the 'insanity' defense, according to the American Bar Association, less than 5%, "most people with mental illnesses are not violent, and only a small proportion becomes violent" (Hiday, 2010). Even more so there has been a whole profession established just to assist with determination of mental illness in those who commit a crime. Forensic psychologist/psychiatrist specialize in the examining and questioning of people who a charged with a crime. They determine that at the time of the crime the person, "must be attributable to a substantial process of functional or organic impairment," not just "to defects of character or strong passion", (Pickett, 2007). Since emotions is not a mental disorders most people who commit crimes are not suffering from a mental illness, ...

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