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Family and ethics

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You are a marital and family counsellor with a strong systems perspective to therapeutic work. You have recently begun group therapy sessions with a family. Before the usual weekly session begins, one of the family members, the 15-year old son calls you aside to inform you that he has a private issue that he would like to discuss on a 1:1 basis after the group session is over. He adds that it is a very sensitive issue and that were he to disclose it to his family, his parents would be very upset. As a system-oriented therapist, you view the whole family as your client.

Discuss your willingness to see him individually? Would you be willing to keep information revealed by this member a secret? Consider the problem of "secrets" and how they should be handled in group therapy? Make specific reference to guidelines that may need to be established prior to entering into a therapeutic relationship with a group.

Please use CCPA and any of the three articles that I included. thanks,

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Family Secrets and ethnic in family therapy

Systems theory

1. The family is the client. The secret impacts the family and it is a sensitive issue.
From a systems approach, the therapist would only see the teen on an individual basis if he wishes to begin individual therapy as well as family therapy. You could also refer him out for individual therapy. This will them mediate the conflict of interest and maintain profession and counselling boundaries and not complicate the situation and also meet the needs of the teen.

An example of this situation is that the patient is struggling with this sexual identity and would ...

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A case study of teen wishing to keep a secret and receive therapy while also in family therapy

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