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Deontological Ethics: In Business

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Explore the means by which deontological ethics may be used as a useful theoretical lens through which an organization's sense of business ethics may be critically assessed.

1) Briefly describe the Adelphia Communications scandal.

2) Identify and discuss two (2) key ethical problems raised by the Adelphia Communications case.

3)Describe what is meant by "deontological ethics" generally (e.g., duty and rights), and by Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative more specifically.

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1) Adelphia Communications started in 1952 with $300 selling cable subscriptions. In 1999, Adelphia became a top level company by purchasing three cable systems in four months and incurred a debt of $14 billion. It doubled its subscriber base. However, since the growth in the subscriber base was below industry standards, Adelphia 'found' 43,000 subscribers in Brazil and Venezuela. They counted internet customers who did not subscribe to Adelphia's cable. It also found cable subscribers from their home security services customers. In 2002 the Rigas family borrowed $3.1 billion from Adelphia to buy Adelphia shares without disclosing the loan. ...

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Adelphia Communications ethical issues are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes six references used.

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