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    An Example of an Ethical Problem and Resolution

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    Write a paper in which you address the following:

    1) Describe an ethical problem you have confronted in a business situation;

    2) Describe the deontological implications of the ethical problem you have described;

    3) If the problem was resolved: a) Tell me how the problem was resolved; b) Whether you agree with how the problem was resolved; and c) Whether the problem was resolved consistent with the principles of deontological ethics (see *** italicized below).

    4) If the problem has not yet been resolved: a) Tell me how you would resolve it; and b) Whether your resolution would be consistent with deontological ethics

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    Business Ethics and Deontology:

    An ethical problem that I have confronted in a business situation is a case whereby in a certain business selling shoes, the job was organized in a way that the person handling cash performs duty without the help of others when he or she is on duty. The problem was that the money used to be kept in the safe of the store where the shoes were being sold throughout the week instead of being taken to the bank daily or after two days. The managers and the employees of the shop knew where the key to the place that the money stored was hidden. It happened that the manager once decided to postpone taking the money to the bank because he had a tight schedule and meetings that prevented him to deposit the money in the bank for two weeks (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2006).

    Some two employees discovered that a lot of money had accumulated and knew that the money hadn't been taken to the bank. The two employees decided to break into the store and steal the money because they believed that the insurance company would pay for the stolen money. The problem was that the insurance company refused to pay for the stolen money because they believed that the problem could be avoided by not putting the ...

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    The solution gives a real-life ethical problem that was confronted in a business setting, identifying the deontological implications according to deontological principles and then explaining how the issue was resolved. 733 words with 4 references.