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    Spirituality, Conflict Resolution & CRM

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    Can you please help me with these questions? Thank you.

    1. Although spirituality can play an important role in CR (conflict resolution), it can also raise important ethical questions: Because many forms of spirituality are "accepted on faith," how do we know that they are effective? Is it ethical to use a spiritually based intervention (e.g. prayer) if there is no research evidence to support it?

    2. How can helping professions participate in the ongoing development of the CR (conflict resolution) movement?

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    Spirituality and Conflict Resolution

    The office or the workplace is supposedly a religion-free zone unless otherwise the office or the nature of the organization or the business itself is deeply imbedded in the tenets of a particular religion (i.e. A Bible and Christian Publishing Company for example or the business is a Yoga and meditation center practicing Far Eastern philosophies and influenced by its religious views). Just as there is a separation of the Church and State, so it is expected that religion and deeply held personal religious beliefs do not colour judgement and influence certain actions in the workplace as this could become a point from which intercultural conflicts may arise (think possible belief conflict between employees of deeply opposing beliefs).

    The thing is, conflict resolution involves the use of varied theories and some of them include the utilization of shared ethical and moral views which in the case of America is heavily influenced by the Anglo-Christian nature of society as the values of the Forefathers - deeply Christian - influenced how they viewed governance, independence and ...

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    The solution discusses the relationship between spirituality and religious views in relation to conflict resolution. Additionally, it provides a narrative on the development of the conflict resolution movement and the impact of the participation of those in the field of human services. The solution is also attached as a word file for easy printing. A word version is attached for easy printing.